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Hand crushed gourmet pepper offers the perfect balance of flavor and heat, providing a unique taste experience. It is freshly ground for optimal flavor and aroma, making it the best choice for everyday and  gourmet cooking.

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Perfect balance of flavor and heat

Our carefully sourced TELLICHERRY peppercorns remain on the vine to ripen longer, developing a sweetness that mellows their heat.

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Unique taste experience

Our blends boast a rich and robust complexity of flavors that can only be accomplished in small batches. 

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Freshly ground peppercorns

The coarse grind of our peppercorns produces larger particles of the pepper berry, allowing the bold and powerful flavors to be preserved longer for a superior taste experience.

Our Story

 The story of our family’s pepper blends, along with our unusual name is rooted in three generations of food-loving Montanans, born and steeped in railroad tradition.

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Decades of experience

Over 35 years of experience in blending and hand crushing pepper has led to a unique blend of flavors and textures, crafted with care and attention to details in a Western Montana style.

Carefully Selected

Selectively sourcing a blend of the most desirable peppercorns ensures the highest quality and flavor for your culinary creations. 

Made in Montana

 Montana made gourmet pepper adds unique flavor to any dish, carefully crafted for the ultimate taste experience.

Hand crushed gourmet Pepper

Unique Taste experience

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