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Spice up your dishes with our HotShot blend in an 8oz, 16oz or 32oz package. Perfect for those who love that extra kick of flavor in their meals. Made with our signature Gandy Dancer Pepper, this blend wins rave reviews. Attention Chile Heads and Hellfire Disciple Club: Get your ‘fix’ at considerable savings!
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Manufacturer: Gandy Dancer Pepper
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Gandy Dancer's HotShot Blend was engineered to be hot! Carefully hand ground in single batches, this atomic combination of chile peppers and peppercorns sourced from around the world has earned its reputation by our customers as the best of both worlds: intense heat accompanied by maximum flavor. The versatile chipotle morita adds a rich and smoky sweet flavor, while the sultry smoked serranos delight with a molasses layer. Clocking in with some ‘off the charts’ Scoville units, this spicy medley of eight different chile varieties, paired with the underlying flavor of our flagship seasoning as a base . . . just may be the "holy grail" for heat lovers.


Our pepper blends are handcrafted in a certified kitchen in the Flathead Valley of Montana, near Glacier National Park. Our products are non-GMO, salt and gluten-free with NO additives.

Ingredients: Habaneros, Chipotle Moritas, Arbols, Jalapeños, Thai, Smoked Serranos, Bhut Jolokia, Red Chiles, Peppercorns

Weight: 8oz, 16oz or 32oz

3 Reviews for HotShot Bulk

  • It tastes delicious - Sunday, September 18, 2022
    My husband is one of those people that can eat a habanero pepper and not break a sweat. So when my sister bought him some Gandy Dancer HotShot pepper flakes, he was pleasantly surprised to find that not only are they actually hot, they taste delicious too. He puts them on everything - meat, pasta, side dishes, salads - even food that already has salsa on it, just for the extra kick. Now, most people will use just a shake or two at a time, whereas he uses about a teaspoon! So we were delighted to discover that rather than running to the store every few weeks for another jar, we could order it directly in bulk. Saves us a ton of money! My husband's review of HotShot is simply this: Best ever pepper flakes!”
    Bonnie & Sergio (hellfire disciple!), Missoula MT
  • Fell in love with this pepper - Monday, May 9, 2022
    My husband and I got the HotShot from a sweet kitchen store in Whitefish (Trovare), and we fell in love with it right away. It has an awesome kick to it... a perfect kick! We have a friend who tried it and fell in love as well, so we got some for him too! Thank you for making such a yummy product:) Can’t wait to try the RoundHouse blend!
    Heidi, Coeur d’Alene ID
  • Absolutely the best!!! - Thursday, January 20, 2022
    I was interested in a bulk order of HotShot. My good friend shared a little with me and now I want it on everything. Absolutely the best!
    Charissa, Hamilton MT
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